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We are Countertop specialists and we provide complete one stop shop service for our customers. We can design, template, fabricate & install your Countertops. In addition to our core services we provide project planning, thermoforming, countertop repairs, and countertop replacements . Find out more about services we offer below.


Worktop Design CompanyL&G Solid surface offer both residential and commercial countertop design services for our customers. We have worked on large number of commercial projects and side by side with architects, designers and contractors to achieve desired project goals.
Whether you build a new home or remodel it, we can help you to create your dream home with modernized countertops that are fashionable, durable, hygienic, non-porous, seamless, and easy to clean and maintain. The special non-porous surface characteristic of our acrylic solid material helps to keep your home sanitary because our specialised materials do not have invisible pores for mold and bacteria to hide and grow like other materials. Our customers often preferred acrylic solid surface for their showers, counters, sinks, and window seals.
L&G experts will help you to design the shapes that suit your surroundings and meet your needs


Worktop Manufacturer - Worktop FabricatorsL&G Solid Surface skilled fabricator team will make sure your countertop, surface, and bathroom project manufactured to flawlessness and precisely how you pictured it.
L&G Solid Surface works with DuPont™ Corian® material, a multipurpose solid surface, made from minerals and acrylic to create ideal surfaces for your home and countertops.

Creating and producing practical and beautiful countertops for your home and workplace is our specialty, L&G Solid Surface is proud to provide you our dedicated team that will individualize your needs and actively pay attention to all details to each of our customer.

Site survey and template

Prior to commencing the project, our initial step is always starting with a site survey. Our fitter experts will obtain detailed information about your surface and requests, and then a template will be created. L&G Solid Surface specialist will verify with you all details on your request and confirm the template with you. By working especially careful at this stage, we will minimize installation time and cost to you. Once we finalize the template, we will fabricate your countertop/surface to the exact dimensions.


Worktop Installations - Worktop Installation ServicesL&G Solid Surface offers full countertop/surface installation and fitting services to customers around GTA and surrounding areas. We find ways to stay ahead of the competition by providing our services at a very competitive cost.

Worktop Repairs

Worktop Repairs - Worktop Repair SpecialistsLooking for countertop/surface repairs? If you have damaged, cracked or scratched surfaces, contact us, we can fix it.
Types of damages we can repair
 - Scratches on surfaces
 - Small and large cracks
 - Damaged or broken edges
 - Chipped surfaces
 - Tap area damage
 - Sink Damage
We also provide re-sanding services. After a period of use, the original color and shine of your solid surface will fade. We can restore the surface to its original look due to the nature of materials and make it look as good as new