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Staron® – Solid Surface Material by Samsung®

Staron® Solid Surface material is manufactured by Samsung®, the Staron® and Tempest® ranges come in a very impressive range of colours. The unique Tempest® range being inspired by natural stone and performs with the usual Samsung® excellence.It is durable and resistant to heat, mould, bacteria and stains, and achieved class O fire rating. They are reparable and can easily be brought back to original finish. Staron® and Tempest® are warm to touch and easy on the eye.

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Samsung Staron Colour Collection – 81 Beautiful Colours

We can supply and fabricate your worktops in over 81 Staron® colour.


Get Creative with Staron and Tempest ranges

Beautiful Kitchen Worktop Made out of Samsung Staron
Staron® and Tempest® can be made into almost any shape or design giving freedom to incorporate colour and design to compliment, contrast and to create a
truly unique space. Staron® is so versatile and durable; its only limitation is your imagination.

Staron & Tempest in commercial application

Staron Solid Surface Commercial Worktop

In public areas, retail spaces and other commercial locations, Staron®/Tempest’s® durability is so outstanding, it is frequently used in commercial surfaces and transaction areas that face daily wear and tear. However, Staron®/Tempest® has uses that go far beyond reception areas and information desks. Because it is a nonporous, hygienic surface Staron® is approved for use in commercial food preparation areas, health care and even laboratory use by all agencies that regulate specifications in those industries.